Monitor calibration

The following image shows 17 greyscale steps from black to white (courtesy of Chuck Vaughn). In order to see the images contained in this section the way they were intended to be seen, you should adjust your monitor to clearly see a difference in brightness between each step, and perform the appropriate color adjustments according to your monitor manual


305 mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope Images

M81 NGC6946 NGC2403 NGC891 IC434 NGC3628 M106 M65-M66 M63 M95
M101 M51 NGC7479 NGC7331 M109 NGC253 M20 NGC6559 NGC6590


128 mm Refractor Images

IC5070 NGC7000 M8 IC434 NGC2237 NGC1499 M8-M82 M84-M86 NGC6357 B142-B143
NGC6590 B72 NGC281 M33 M16 M31 M45 IC1848 IC405 NGC6559
M17 NGC6992                


H-alpha 300 mm Nikkor Lens Images

The North
America Nebula
The Veil
Gamma Cygni
The Wild
Cluster Region
The Valentine
Nebula Region
The Lagoon
Nebula Region
The Little Star


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